I can’t speak for anyone else, but I am at a point in my career development where I have narrowed myself down to either becoming a DBA or a Business Intelligence Developer.

As I was doing more research in to DBA as a career, I found a multitude of great resources, but one in particular caught my eye, SQL University. SQL University is the brain child @SQLChicken aka Jorge Segarra. It is a collaboration of SQL professionals from all over that have volunteered their time to post lessons on different aspects of SQL Server.

I have personally found this to be an awesome resource that has helped me gain a greater understanding of all things MS SQL. I’m currently plugging through the syllabus about a semester behind just from starting late.

If you have the opportunity to check this out, I highly recommend it. If you like what you see, while you are there please leave a c0mment for Jorge or the presenters and let them know how much you appreciate their hardwork.